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Who are we?

My wife and I live close to the Washington DC metro area. We love spending time with friends and family having fun whenever we can.

The culmination of this small business venture has been dancing around in my head for some time now. Anyone that knows me well would probably say that I'm an eclectic mix of personality traits that make this kind of business venture work. My previous experiences have all led up to this. From being a gas station attendant, custom pc manufacturer, to electronic security, and now working in IT. My life has been a series of challenges and trials.

The overall goal of this adventure is to make things that matter. Whether it is hobby related for 3D Printing, Remote Controlled Vehicle Racing, Home Applications, and just about anything in between.

The other side of this venture is to use my experience and talents to help others. I frequent many of the Facebook 3D printing groups and always try to help where I can. If you need a hand with something don't be afraid to ask. I will help you if I can. But even if your issue is outside of my expertise I may know where to send you for the answers.

Most of all, be safe, have fun, and don't forget to smile.

Kevin Conrad 


What printers/ capabilities do we have?

Over the past several years Madboxx Designs has see constant growth. This growth has prompted adding new abilities, new printers, and new things to learn.

In 2022 we have seen our biggest growth to date. With multi- thousand piece orders, new requests, and finally building our print farm a home.

Current Farm size (as of 10/2/2022)

We currently have 24 FFF Printers

15 Prusa Mini+ Printers

2 Prusa MK3S+ printers with MMU's

5 Geeetech A20T Mixing printers

2 heavily modded Creality CR=X printers with Bondtech extruders and high temp E3D Volcano hotends capable of reaching over 500c.


1 Anycubic Photon

1 Anycubic Mono X

We've also added a 20"w x Infinity laser cutter and already have a plethora of wood and acrylic for some of our own and customer projects.

New Print Room/ Office Images 10/2022

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