Desinged for use on Pan Cars as well as Touring Cars. Please specify any cusomization options, color, and shock diameter so we can make sure the dimensions are correct. 


Pan/ Touring Car Stand

  • Stand made completely out of PETG. The non slip feet and skid pads are printed out of TPU. The entire stand is 3D printed. You won't see any elcheapo stick on rubber feet that come off in 3 months.

    Available in a variety of colors and materials if you have a personal preference.

  • Return/ Refund Policy:

    Returns will not be accepted without prior approval. Requests for a refund or replacement requests must be received within 30 days of product receipt. To qualify for a full refund you will be asked to provide a short video of the products destruction. The product must be clearly visible in the video and needs to be destroyed to the point of being structurally compromised.

    Madboxx Designs reserves the right to offer a replacement product if the failure is found to be defective via photograph review.